Executive Team

MEMBERSHIP:  (The Executive Team meets quarterly, please check the associational calendar for date and location)

The duly elected officers of the association.

All active pastors of cooperating churches and missions in the association, and one additional member from each church.

The Team Leader of each team of the association.

All associational staff members shall serve as ex-officio members on the associational executive team.

DUTIES:  The team shall transact any and all business of the association between annual sessions in accordance with the constitution and the expressed will of the association, and shall make a report of it's work to the Annual Session.  The team cannot void or alter decisions made by the association in Annual Session.

QUORUM:  Twenty-five percent of the team shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

INCORPORATION:  The Black Hills Area Baptist Association, SBC has a certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit religious organization with State Law, dated February 9, 1981.

OFFICERS:  The team shall recognize as its chairman and clerk or secretary, the moderator and clerk of the association.

SPECIAL MEETINGS:  The moderator may call a special meeting of the Executive Team upon notification in writing to each team member eight (8) days prior to the called date.