Administrative Team
Moderator: Ernie Nelson

(The Admin Team meets at least monthly, please check the associational calendar for the date, time and location)

Moderator -   Vacant
Vice Moderator - Vacant

Clerk - Vacant

Treasurer - Thomas Golden

Church & Leadership Development Team - Pastor Bob Hower, Foothills Community Baptist Church, Piedmont, SD

Evangelism & Ministry Team - Paul O'Dell

Pastoral Ministries & Fellowship Team - Pastor Wayland Holbrook, Rapid Valley Baptist Church, Rapid City, SD

Missions Team - Vacant

Responsibilities of Administrative Team

   1. The Team Enlistment Task Force shall enlist the Administrative Team. The enlistment task force shall be appointed by the moderator in consultation with the associational missionary subject to the approval of the Executive Team or the association in annual session.

   2. The Administrative Team shall be made up of the officers of the association including the following:
              Vice Moderator
              Team Leaders:  Church & Leadership Development, Evangelism & ministry, Pastorial Ministries & Fellowship, Missions.

   3. The Administrative Team shall fulfill the following responsibilities:
             - Budget/Finance
              -Program and Calendar Planning
              -Trusteeship (refer to Article XI)
              -Building and Grounds
              -Cooperative Program promotion
              -Personnel and Facilitation
              -Annual Meeting Planning
              -Policies & Procedures

   4. The Administrative Team shall enlist task forces as necessary to fulfill its responsibility.

   5. The Administrative Team shall be empowered to create new teams to task forces, as it deems necessary in the life and work of the association with the approval of the Executive team or the association in annual session.

   6. The Administrative Team shall be responsible to evaluate the work of the association and assess progress toward fulfilling the adopted strategy of the association.


   7. The Administrative Team shall meet as often as needed to do its job.